How to Burn Calories Fast at Home without Equipment

Considering the way fancy equipment in the gyms are often referred to as being important to anyone’s desire to burn calories, the possibility of burning calories fast at home without any equipment could look farfetched. However, it is very possible. There are various methods individuals can use nowadays to burn calories fast even when they have no access to the expensive equipment popularly seen in gyms.

If you would like to burn calories fast at home without equipment, these are some of the methods you can use:

  • Jumping jack

To perform jumping jack, stand upright with your legs closed together and arms right by your side. After maintaining your balance in this position, jump and spread your legs and hands wide apart. Jump again and return to your original upright position. Repeat this procedure for a while until you feel exhausted. Jumping jack will not only help you burn calories fast, it is also going to improve your cardiovascular system.

  • Squat

Stand firm and keep your feet shoulder-width apart while looking straight ahead of you. From this standing position, bend your knees and maintain an imaginary sitting position. Stay for few minutes in the sitting position, and then stand up. Repeat this for a few more times.

  • High knees

High knees exercise is meant to burn calories fast while running within the same position. Simply stand upright and lift one of your knees up till it reaches the waist level. Put the lifted leg down and lift the other leg. You are to repeat these steps while pumping your hands forth and back as if you are running to maintain your balance.

  • Pushups

Pushups are another set of exercises aimed at burning calories fast at home without any equipment. Lie almost on the floor while facing down and use your hands and toes to support your weight. Ensure your back does not form any arc as this would affect the result of the exercise. Lower your body with your arms spread apart; after few seconds, push yourself back up. Repeat these pushups as much as you can.

If you have stairs in your home, use them to burn calories. Walk up and down the stair as long as you are capable of. Even if you do not have stairs, get a box and alternative your legs on the box like you would do when walking on stairs.

  • Lunges

To burn calories with lunges, stand firm and put one of your legs forward. Lower your hips gently until you are sure the knee you put forward is at around 90° angles. Stand on your toes with the other leg without allowing the heel to touch the ground. Stay in this position for few seconds and change the legs.

These are just some of the basic methods you can use to burn calories fast at home without having to spend a fortune on acquiring equipment or registering at a gym. With these procedures, you have the option of enjoying the serenity that is not available in crowded gyms while still keeping your body fit.