Cardio Workouts to Lose Belly Fat for Beginners

There are lots of cardio workouts designed to help people lose belly fat, but many of them are not entirely suitable for beginners. As a beginner with little or no experience in performing cardio workouts, you have to be careful with the kinds of workouts you engage in as some may cause injuries and hamper your plans to lose belly fats.

These are some of the cardio workouts that are suitable for beginners who are interested in losing their belly fats:

  • Step hop

For this workout, stand firmly on the ground and keep your feet hip-width apart. Now, keep your hands well positioned on your hips and bend your knees forward a bit. Put one of your feet forward and lift the other foot to the knee level. Hop with the foot on the ground and maintain this position for few seconds. Then, stand firm on both feet at the same moment. You need to alternate between the two feet and then repeat the workout.

  • Crunch with exercise ball

To perform this workout, you need an inflatable exercise ball. Sit on the inflatable ball for a while to maintain your balance on it. Change the position from sitting on it to lying on it with your back. Ensure your feet are firmly rooted on the ground while supporting your head with your hands. Lift your head up slightly and maintain the position as long as you can. Stand up from the inflatable ball, stretch your body and repeat the workout. The amount of repetition depends on your choice.

  • Sit up

Lie on bare floor or yoga mat and keep your feet on the floor with the knees lifted up at 90 degree angle. Support your head and neck with your hands and lift yourself up without changing the position of your feet or knees. Repeat this exercise few times, and increase the number of times you perform the workout as you get better at it. At first, your feet and knees might be moving, but after some practices, you should be able to perform this exercise flawlessly.

  • Body Lift exercise

Lie down on the floor and place your hands under your butt. Lift both feet up to form 90 degree angle in the air.  Choose one of the feet and straighten it in the air. You should be able to maintain this position for only few seconds; once you reach your breaking points, put your legs down. Get some rest for few minutes and repeat the workout while alternating the legs.

Since you are just kicking off the cardio workouts, the activities will probably look very tedious to you with the likelihood of getting exhausted quickly. You should, however, make them a routine, and keep your eyes on the prize of losing your belly fat and enjoying an enviable physical appearance. You will definitely get better with time and you can then move on to more exhausting cardio workouts.