Exercise Training for Older Adults with Limitations in Physical Function

Expectedly, older adults have limitations in their physical functions and these limitations reduce the types of exercise training they are fit enough to do. In some older adults, carrying loads, lifting items or climbing stairs may be too cumbersome due to their physical weaknesses and limitations.

Nevertheless, increasing age should never deter older adults from exercising their body as there are loads of benefits attached to constant exercise training.

Benefits of Exercise Training to Older Adults

The benefits of exercise training for older adults include:

  • Management of heart diseases, stroke, various types of cancer, high blood pressure and noninsulin-dependent diabetes.
  • Maintenance of healthy weight balance
  • Improvement in physical and cardio-respiratory fitness
  • Reduction in occurrences of stress, anxiety, depression and mental health issues

Exercise Training for Older Adults

Here are some great exercise training for older adults with limitations in physical functions:

  1. Brisk walking

Brisk walking is a good exercise for weight loss and overall maintenance of healthy weight in adults. It is about walking at a pace faster than regular walking but slower than running. You shed unwanted fats as you walk energetically. If you are physically unfit to brisk walk, you can engage yourself in regular or slow-paced walk.

  1. Sit to stand exercise

Get a chair and seat on it with your feet kept on the floor and hands by your side. Stand on your feet and stretch out your hands; after few seconds sit back on the chair. Repeat this exercise for about 10 – 15 times.

  1. Seated exercise

This is a simple exercise for older adults with limitations and it is designed to improve their flexibility. While seated on a chair, move or swing your legs and arms in different directions until you are out of gas.

  1. One-leg stand

This exercise is meant to help older adults maintain body balance; thereby, preventing embarrassing falls. Hold onto a wall while standing erect. Bend one of your legs backward at the knee level with the other leg firmly on the floor. Stay in that position for about 5 seconds and change the legs. Perform one-leg stand exercise for few more times.

  1. Dancing

While dancing may look simple to agile young adults and kids, it does lots of wonders to older adults with limitations in their physical functions. The older adults that want to dance should determine the tune and tempo based on their limitations. Apart from improving physical health, dancing eliminates boredom, depressions and anxiety which are often experienced by most elderly people.

  1. Arm raise exercise

For this exercise, you need a hand weight. Sit on a chair and keep your feet firmly rooted on the ground. Hold the hand weight above your head level. This will help you strengthen your upper body.

In addition, older adults can also engage in swimming, cycling, side leg raise exercises, jogging, heel raises and knee bends if the limitations in their physical functions do not affect these exercises. Notably, every older adult must identify his weakness or limitation in order to determine the best exercise training he can perform successful without exposure to further health risks.