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Today I’m showing you the recipe for fudgy vegan brownies – the best ever! For this amazing brownie recipe we’ll be using SunSweet D’Noir Prunes but you can also use the amazing SunSweet Amazing Prunes.

Fudgy Vegan BrowniesD’Noir punes are packed with non-preservatives to give them a fresh natural taste. They are also good source of fiber and are lower in sugar than other dried plums. I love that the only ingredients are prunes and they offer great energy for people of all ages.

The ingredients we’ll need to prepare fudgy vegan brownies include: coconut sugar, flour, d’noir prunes, salt, apple sauce, coconut oil and coconut powder.

Fudgy Vegan BrownieWe are actually going to make a prune puree which is a great fat substitute for baking and it’s so easy to make, simply add prunes into your food processor with some water and let it blend for a few minutes so it becomes nice, smooth and well integrated. Then we can combine our other ingredients.

Vegan BrownieFirst mix together your dry ingredients, and then separately mix your wet ingredients including your prune puree, then we can mix the two together. It would seem dry at first but keep mixing because suddenly it will turn into a beautiful fudgy mixture.

Vegan BrowniesTransfer the mixture into your pan lined with foil and bake in your oven at 350 F for about 35 minutes.

Fudgy BrownieOnce out of the oven, let it cool and make your frosting. Start by creaming some coconut oil in a bowl with your hand mixer until it’s nice and creamy and even in texture. Then you can add in your cocoa powder, powdered sugar, your prune puree, manila extract and milk. Mix until it’s smooth and thick and so delicious.

Fudgy BrowniesOnce the brownies are cooled you can remove them from the pan. By now you should see it’s quite easier when you use that foil lining. Spread in your frosting thereafter.

Brownie recipeTop it off with some chopped walnuts and then you can slice into squares.

Brownies recipeOh my gosh, fudgy vegan brownies are seriously so fudgy and so delicious! They taste like real brownies. Feeling good starts with eating right..