Healthy Avocado Toast Recipes You Should Try Right Away!

If you love avocados, you should definitely test out the avocado toast recipes on this page. We did and it was great hence the share!

Avocado Toast with Fresh Basil Leaves:

For this recipe, start with slightly toasted bread. It’s much easier to spread your avocado on sliced bread if it’s slightly toasted or hardened.

avocado toast recipeCut open your avocado and spread on each slice of bread, I’d like to use half for every two slices of bread unless it’s a smaller avocado.

avocado recipeAdd (spread) some sliced tomatoes, basil leaves and then add olive oil or vinegar (or a combination of both), then salt and ground pepper.

avocado toasthealthy avocado recipe

Avocado Toast with Lemon and Radishes:

For this next recipe we are going to start off with toasted bread as well.

best avocado recipesAdd a half portion of avocado in a bowl and marsh with a fork and then spread evenly on the two slices of toasted bread.

avocado toastSqueeze half of a lemonade over the slices of bread and spread the juice evenly then add some salt.

avocado recipe with lemon
Then finally I’m going to thin slice some radishes and spread over the avocado.

quick avocado recipesA combination of the flavors above will also taste so good!