NutriSystem Reviews: Diet Plan Information, Shakes and Program Cost

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Tried loads of diet products in the past but still could not shed weight or see the change that you really desired? If this is the case with you note that there are many people with a familiar story.

WARNING!!! As I always like to say, if you are on the look out for MAGIC PILLS that will resolve your weight loss PROBLEMS overnight, THIS MAY NOT BE FOR YOU. However, Nutrisystem Reviews like this Have Helped Over 75,000+ Readers! DETAILED PROGRAM EXPLANATIONS ARE PROVIDED!

For every person who succeeds at shedding excess weight it appears there are at least two others who come a little short. Many times this is because of unrealistic expectations and obsession for ‘wonder’ pills that aren’t as wonderful as they might have been advertised.

Not every diet program or supplement/pill is created equally, but NutriSystem Diet plan might be one of the best available short term choices so far and there is a very good reason to give it a try.

Nutrisystem reviews online show that it is clearly one of the most affordable home diet delivery programs available today, however the question to ask is – does affordability also mean that this weight loss program could be less effective? Here we take a closer look at Nutrisystem diet plan in General and some of the other items you may not have heard before nutrisystem food packnow.

What Is the NutriSystem Diet Program All About Really?

The objective of Nutrisystem diet program is to simplify weightloss. With this program you don’t have to count calories everyday. To put in another way, you don’t have to go the extra mile to ensure you’re eating proper portion sizes. This program takes the burden off you.. but you also cannot eat just anything you want to.

nutrisystem foodNutrisystem takes care of most of your feeding. This company ships your meals to your home everyday (breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert). You can also add other items like fresh fruits & vegetables plus snacks that you would normally buy from a grocery store.

This program is not recommended for pregnant women, people with kidney related diseases, certain allergies or very special diet needs. It is also not recommended for children under the age of 14, although Nutrisystem offers a plan specially for teens between the ages of 14 and 17.

Nutrisystem offers a 28-day program that delivers prepackaged foods. Your breakfast options include pancakes, oatmeal, granola and muffins. Lunches and dinners offer selections like chicken and pasta, tacos, chili, pizza, soup and stew. For desserts and snacks, you have the option of brownies, cookies or cakes.

This diet program provides you with a long list of fruits, vegetables, nuts, dairy and fresh meat plus other foods that you can eat alongside your Nutrisystem meals.

how nutrisystem works

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What Are The Experts Saying about Nutrisystem Diet Plan?

Experts and certified nutritionists have found Nutrisystem to be safe, fairly easy to follow, nutritious and moderately effective for short-term fat loss. However, it got lower marks on long-term weightloss and also on appropriateness for people on diabetes diet or heart health. In summary (from Nutrisystem reviews gathered), we outline the individual ratings for a number of health gauges and the experts opinions on each.

  • Finally, experts agree that dieters would most likely drop some pounds within a short time on Nutrisystem plan, thanks to the portion control and in-built calorie checks conveyed in well assembled meal packs.
  • Nutrisystem scores very high for safety (the highest score). Experts appear to be confident that this meal program poses little to no risk for most dieters.
  • Nutrisystem diet plan conforms to the federal government’s 2010 Dietary Guidelines. It scores great on nutrition, but certain nutritional information like the quantity of vitamins B-12 and potassium you get from the diet were not available for analysis.
  • Experts rated it ‘moderately easy’ to follow. The meals are delivered right to dieters homes, and the accompanying guide makes easy for a structured plan.
  • Nutrisystem got a modest diabetes score from experts. The result somewhat put Nutrisystem in the bottom half of diets that are able to prevent/control this disease. Nutrisystem however claims to have lots of diabetics who do very well and experience far better health on their diet program.

Quick NutriSystem Customer Facts:

  • On average, NutriSystem reviews online show that customers stay subscribed for 9.5 weeks.
  • When a trial of 161 NutriSystem customers was conducted, it was discovered that the average dieter lost 8.3 pounds in one month (compared to only 2.8 pounds for those on self-directed weightloss diets).
  • In general, Nutrisystem will surely help you get back on track, but note that it is not a permanent solution. When you are done with your Nutrisystem food program, you must learn to eat healthy always.

NutriSystem Food Options:

If you are on a self-selection plan, the meal options are quite huge. However, the popular ranking system could be of enormous help to you. Each food has a rating score where you can see how other members have rated them. You also get to select your preferred vegetables and fruits.

nutrisystem food options

Other Details about this Diet Plan + NutriSystem Cost:

  • Daily food consist of 3 meals and 2 snack packs (total calorie count vary from 1200 – 1500). Approximate macro-nutrient ratio: 55% carbohydrates, 25% protein and 20% fats. NutriSystem makes use of “Smart” carbohydrates. These type of carbs do not raise your blood sugar like the others. On this diet plan, you will have to limit or avoid high GI foods like white rice, white bread and some fruits.
  • Nutrisystem costs are between $8.90 and $11.04 per day (this totals to around $240-$300 each month). The Basic Plan consist of pre-selected and ready-to-go meals. The Core Plan provides an additional option of 100 foods from which you can make your choice.
  • Full phone support + counseling available every day of the week (basic plan does not enjoy this).
  • Alcohol should be totally avoided (tea, coffee, and diet sodas are just okay).
  • NutriSystem dieters are advised to exercise regularly. Beginner, intermediate and advanced workout plans are available.
  • Access to an in-house online community and other helpful weight loss tools.
  • Flexibility – You can transition to other meal plans after meeting specific weight loss targets.


A familiar complaint seen from Nutrisystem reviews concerning this diet program in the recent past was the taste and quality of the food. Nutrisystem has however revamped their menu with new condiments created by top quality celebrity chefs. According to a recent quote (there are) “Over 150 foods to choose from including fresh never frozen cuisine made by award winning, celebrity chefs.” Worthy of note is their commitment to stay away from High Fructose Corn Syrup or Trans-Fat in any of their meals.

Nutrisystem has been criticized for the high sodium content in their food. This they have also addressed in recent years and NutriSystem customers can expect around 2000mg/day sodium. This amount is consistent with dietary guidelines that suggest a maximum amount of 2300mg/day.

Free Trial and Cancellation Process for NutriSystem:

Nutrisystem offers a less-commitment 14-day trial where customers can cancel a plan and get refunded (less shipping costs). Note however that if you cancel after 14 days AND right before the second month meal is shipped, a $99.00 fee will be charged to you.

NutriSystem Turbo 10 (Turbo Takeoff) and Nutrisystem Shakes

The very first week includes particular meals sets and two Nutrisystem shakes per day. The first week is often stricter in order to kick-start initial weight loss.

Jenny Craig vs Nutrisystem?

Both diet programs are similar and are about pre-packaged meals and portion-controlled weightloss. However, Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem reviews has shown that Nutrisystem is proven to offer faster and more effective weight loss results .
nutrisystem vs jenny craigOur Final Words:

So… Will You Lose Weight with NutriSystem Diet Program?


If you’ve been struggling with healthy weight loss, or if you are on the look out for a diet program you can be sure to get results from, Nutrisystem diet plan is most probably your best bet.

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Nutrisystem is a quite economical way of shedding excess weight with very little time investment. Note that if the taste of food is a top priority for you, then be prepared to pay more for other top quality delivered diets.


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