What’s The Buzz About Raspberry Ketone Plus? See Our Review First..

Raspberry Ketone PlusLately, ketone slimming products containing Raspberry, such as Raspberry Ketone Plus, enjoy tremendous popularity. All claim to be effective or miraculous.

Most people want to lose weight, but do not know which product will help them achieve this. We hope our review and advice will help you make the right decision.

Raspberry Ketone Plus is an original dietary supplement, the Raspberry Ketone is the main ingredient. It is presented as a product made from 100% natural ingredients and safe for human consumption.

Our team will review for you the ingredients of this product, how it works and its benefits. We will also see if Raspberry Ketone Plus has any side effects.

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Spotlight on Raspberry Ketone Plus

Raspberry Ketone Plus is a product of the British company – Evolution Slimming, based in Kent, England. It is manufactured to the highest standards of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). It is certified in compliance with “ISO 2000: 9001” and has a quality assurance certification.

We could easily find the address of the laboratory and the official telephone number, which is, to us, a telltale sign of transparency. This information appears on all the pages of the product’s Official Website.

Unlike some other products we’ve tested, Raspberry Ketone Plus as a dietary supplement is essentially based on the Raspberry Ketone. Each capsule contains a large dose of that component, 100mg of it.

Raspberry Ketone Plus also contains other antioxidant-rich super fruits, which are needed to cleans and detoxify the body. Antioxidants relax blood vessels, which significantly reduces stress on the heart, improves circulation and reduces blood pressure.

What is Raspberry Ketone?

raspberry ketone plusRaspberry ketone, the main component of Raspberry Ketone Plus, is a substance with extraordinary effects, found in raspberries and other berries. It has always been used in the perfume industry. It is only recently that it has become famous for its fat-burning properties.

One of the highlights of the Raspberry Ketone is that it causes an increase in the production of adiponectin (molecule involved in the regulation of metabolism). This effect is very important, because high levels of this hormone can significantly decrease the risk of type 2 diabetes and also decrease the production of glucose. Great, right?

This magical hormone helps regulate metabolism, and like any dietitian can confirm, regulated metabolism helps burn extra calories and stored fat.

raspberry ketone

  • To enjoy the fat burning qualities of raspberry ketone, health professionals recommend a daily dose of 100mg. Note that to get the same effects as those of Raspberry Ketone Plus, you would need to consume 40 kilos of raspberries per day. Would you be capable of this?

Raspberry Ketone Plus is presented as one of the best dietary supplements made within the Raspberry Ketone sphere. Let us verify this by conducting an audit of its ingredients more closely and examining its benefits and effects.

Raspberry Ketone Plus Benefits

  • Manufactured to the highest standards of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Its production process is governed by the standards “ISO 2000: 9001”;
  • Raspberry Ketone Plus contains the recommended daily amount of Raspberry ketone (100 mg): you are sure to receive the required dose, which provides all the benefits of this substance;
  • A 100% natural ingredient and of high quality: This allows you to lose weight naturally and healthily;
  • Clinically tested: this proves that Raspberry Ketone Plus is a product that meets the standards of health and quality;
  • No reported side effects: you are sure to consume a 100% natural product that is safe for your health;
  • Money back guarantee (30 days): the manufacturer will reimburse your money if ever the product brings no added value. Ultimately, you are aware that you have nothing to lose by trying.

Side Effects Of Raspberry Ketone Plus

Raspberry Ketone Plus uses only natural ingredients and quality, the product has no side effect.

As with any drug or dietary supplement, it is advisable to stick to the recommended dose.

On the other hand, if you are undergoing any medical treatment or if you have a particular health problem, you should consult your doctor before you start taking the pill Raspberry Ketone Plus, or any other supplement for that matter. Pregnant or nursing women should also consult the doctor before taking this medicine.

Raspberry Ketone Plus ingredients

We have seen that the manufacturer uses only natural ingredients, namely:

Raspberry ketone:
The main ingredient used in the Raspberry Ketone Plus is the raspberry ketone. And unlike many other supplements, this product contains, in fact, sufficient dose of this beneficial enzyme able to regulate your metabolism and help you to burn extra calories.

We have previously tested a few products that raspberry ketone cited in their list of ingredients, but the actual dosage of this substance is rarely stated exactly. For this reason and the for the fact that it is impossible to verify their effectiveness, these products never appear in our tests.

Each capsule of Raspberry Ketone Plus contains 100 mg of raspberry ketone. How should I take two daily capsules of these, you will have the exact 200 mg recommended.

Regarding the list of ingredients and their dosages, Raspberry Ketone Plus hides nothing:

  • African Mango Extract (27.8 mg): Reduces cholesterol and promotes weight loss by reducing appetite. It also boosts energy;
  • Resveratrol (10 mg): A natural antioxidant grape: studies have shown that resveratrol prevents people from becoming obese;
  • Acai berry extract (25 mg): Rich in Antioxidants: Antioxidants in general help against aging and diabetes;
  • Green Tea Extract (25 mg): An effective fat burner for those who want to lose weight;
  • Cider vinegar powder (25 mg): Great for your digestive system as it helps to eliminate toxic waste. Several medical studies have confirmed its beneficial effects on weight loss;
  • Kelp (25 mg): Brown seaweed extract. It is an excellent source of dietary fiber;
  • Grapefruit Extract (25 mg): Contains various vitamins and lots of fiber, which will help you control your appetite;
  • Caffeine (25 mg): Like green tea, caffeine is an excellent fat-burning element.

Here’s the label which shows the exact dosage of each of these ingredients:

Raspberry Ketone plusRaspberry Ketone Plus Testimonials

We found that, on several websites, including the Official Website of the manufacturer and in specialized forums, there are many positive feedback from the users of Raspberry Ketone Plus which reflects the rapid effect of the product on weight loss. But since we cannot verify the identity nor the honesty of these users, we will not bring you their stories here.

Our evaluation of this dietary supplement will remain based on the product itself.

Where to buy Raspberry Ketone Plus?

Raspberry Ketone Plus is a quality product available at a very affordable price. It is however only available on the manufacturer’s official website.

The product is presented in a bottle of 60 capsules, which is a month’s supply.

raspberry keytoneThe Raspberry Ketone Plus bottle costs more or less €28 (about 50% off and depending on the course of the Euro), which is considerably cheaper than many products of the same type.
Note that Raspberry Ketone Plus is not available in stores. This commercial strategy was adopted by the manufacturer to protect consumers from the risk of scams not only under the product itself, but also in price.

The manufacturer offers several packages that allow you to benefit from reductions. For example by opting for three months purchase you only pay €75 instead of €166. This is a slash amounting to more than half the original price to pay!

Raspberry Ketone Plus Warranty

Another good news is that Raspberry Ketone Plus offers a money back guarantee for 30 days of use. It’s great, right? This means that you’ll still be able to get your money in case of dissatisfaction. The reimbursement is done in less than seven days, and that’s a plus.

Our opinion of Raspberry Ketone Plus

If the Raspberry Ketone Plus has got our favorable opinion, it means it meets our quality criteria. We particularly appreciated the transparency of the manufacturer in his commitment to disclose all the product’s ingredients and specify the exact dosage of each of the components of the product.

Buy Raspberry Keytone Plus
The money back guarantee after 30 days reflects the manufacturer’s insurance and serves to reassure customers in case anyone becomes dissatisfied.

The ingredients of Raspberry Ketone Plus are 100% natural, which is why the product has no side effects for users.

Finally, one of the criteria we stress the most is certification and medical tests. And on this point, Raspberry Ketone Plus is much ahead of all other similar products. Raspberry Ketone Plus is manufactured to the highest standards of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). It is produced in compliance with standards ISO 2000: 9001 and enjoys a quality assurance certification.

So if you are looking for a safe fat-burning, efficient and not too expensive supplement, you can count on Raspberry Ketone Plus. It will surely help you get rid of that excess weight.

Raspberry Ketone Plus is part of the list of diet pills from the raspberry ketone base, which now includes Raspberry Ketone Pure Max and Colon cleanse Combo Pack.

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  • Renowned Manufacturer
  • Natural ingredients and authentic
  • Attractive price
  • Manufactured to ISO 9001 quality standards
  • Money back guarantee
  • Official site checked


  • Available for sale online only


Raspberry Ketone Plus comes as a slimming pill from the raspberry ketone base, but also contains a number of ingredients known for their effectiveness and their effect on weight loss. This is particularly a pill made according to ISO 2000 quality standards: 9001 and the composition is approved by several scientific studies. Raspberry Ketone Plus is a true ally for a healthy weight loss and without risk.