Tasty Flakey Layered Lachha Paratha, Bon Appetit!

To make this delicious flaky lachha paratha you will need 2 cups of whole wheat flour.

lachha parathaAdd salt and crushed fennel seeds to the flour, mix well and make a small well in the center of the dough then add some Ghee. Mix the ghee in with the flour.

tasty lachha parathaAt this stage, lumps are a good thing so don’t fret. Begin adding some water a little at a time as you keep mixing with your fingers. Remember to add only a little water at a time as too much water will make the dough sticky and difficult to roll. As the dough starts to come together, ensure you do not apply too much pressure with your hands. This dough should be soft so please be gentle, soft dough makes soft parathas. Different types of flour may require different quantities of water, this is because flour of higher quality with a grid of fiber content can still absorb more water. Cover the dough and let it rest for 30 minutes.

layered lachha parathaNext, smoothen the dough and even out its texture.  Then break off roughly equal pieces and smoothen out the pieces by rolling them between your palms.

tasty parathaRoll the dough balls in some plain flour and place them on to your rolling surface. Proceed to roll as thin as possible (about 8 to 9 inches wide), coat with some Ghee and dust the flat surface with some flour.

lachha paratha recipeparatha recipeStart pleating your dough from one end inwards. This is what gives you the beautiful flaky layout of your paratha. Do this until you have a thin fan-like line of dough. Hold the dough at both ends and stretch out lightly.

Place the pleats down on its side and apply ghee on each side and sprinkle with flour then start to curl the dough inwards until you have a thick roll able disk. Repeat this with all your dough balls until you have as many parathas as you want.

paratha recipeslachha paratha recipesPress down on the disk and roll it out like you would any normal paratha, then place on a dry pan, cook on medium heat and wait for the bubbles to form on the surface. Turn over to the other side when you see the bubbles and cook until golden brown. Then apply ghee to the surface and let it cook (do this for each side). Make sure that both side get that gorgeous golden brown colour.

how to make lachha parathacrispy lachha parathahow to prepare lachha parathaYour flakey layered lachha paratha fresh from the kitchen can be served with your favorite curry or dry vegetable dish. Bon appetit!

how to cook lachha parathalachhaparatha